TP Activities 2014 Roundup

December 2014TP Activists Paint Faslane Fence: Scrap Trident Ban Nukes.

Five Trident Ploughshares activists were arrested after painting “Scrap Tident Ban Nukes” on the Faslane fence. The five had just enough time to finish painting the last letters of the anti-nuclear message before MOD police arrived and arrested them. None of them were prosecuted.

December 2014. Anti-Nuclear Carolling at Lockheed Martin HQ in London

30 November. Trident Still Has to Go Now!  Working with the Scrap Trident Coalition in Scotland we helped organise the Biggest Demo at Faslane in a Decade. About 1500 people turned out for the spiritied demo. There’s a video here

September 2014. Trident Nuclear Weapons Base Blockaded in Post Referendum Protest

Four days after the historic independence referendum in Scotland, in which the removal of Trident Trident Ploughshares and Faslane Peace Camp blocked the north gate to Faslane Naval Base, sending a strong message that the overwhelming desire of Scotland to be rid of nuclear weapons must be honoured.