Taking a Peaceful Christmas Message to Lockheed Martin

The Muriel Lesters Affinity Group and friends made their seasonal visit to the offices of Lockheed Martin in London on Monday Dec 4th. With banners and signs and some colourful costumes they alerted people to what Lockheed Martin get up to. 

Lockheed Martin – is the main partner in AWE-ML, the company that manages the UK’s Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE). The AWE is responsible for the maintenance of the warheads for the UK’s Trident nuclear arsenal and manages and operates the AWE sites at Aldermaston, Burghfield, and Blacknest.

A choir sang relevant songs as hundreds of leaflets were given out.




A Christmas card was handed in to Lockheed Martin. We hope they have a good look at it and then search their consciences and decide to become part of the solution and stop being a source of the problem for 2018.

No new nuclear Weapons! Get rid of the old ones! 
Peace on Earth and love to all.