Press Services

Services to Journalists and Broadcasters

Trident Ploughshares’ policy is to work openly and honestly with journalists and broadcasters. While our main aim is direct action against Trident and related NATO nuclear weapons we recognise that fair media coverage of the campaign will help the public at large to engage with the issues and to make up their own minds as to the rightness or otherwise of our aims and our methods.

The campaign is now over nine years old and in that time we have had fair treatment from a number of open-minded journalists whose professionalism has been shown in thorough research, in their willingness to ask us (and the British government) the difficult questions, and in accurate reporting. The campaign is made up of about 20 “affinity groups” and many of these groups manage their own media work while others work with the campaign’s media task group.


Press Releases. We make every effort to get these out on the day of a story. To be added to our regular press release list just notify the contact below.

Press packs. These are prepared for special events, such as mass actions and major trials.

Getting in on the Action. Affinity groups planning an action will often be prepared to have a journalist or broadcaster at or near the event after a discreet and skeletal briefing about what is intended. This has worked well on a number of occasions. We can put you in touch with journalists we have worked with in this way who can tell you about the logistics and legalities.

Court Stories. We now have a wealth of experience on the working of the courts, especially in Scotland, and can use it to make the work of the covering journalist more effective. The cases themselves are hugely interesting in objective legal terms, raising as they do the quirks in the relationship between Scots criminal law, international law and the European Convention on Human Rights. We also feel strongly that journalists should be attending these court cases on the grounds that their presence can help to protect civil rights in a controversial area.

Photographs. Our photo library has been used by many journalists. It contains shots of the campaign since the beginning and individual portraits of many of our activists. Activists planning a major action will take pictures of the preparations. Photos can be sent to you as JPEG files or as original prints.

Background and Research. We have to hand an impressive library of relevant documentation on the Trident system and the issues of legality. We link directly to a responsive worldwide network of relevant expertise, experience and activism.

For these and other services contact:

Phone: 07393 482499 or 07876 593016

During Coulport camp it is better to ring than use email as wifi signal is poor at the camp.