Press release:Longest Ever Continuous Blockade of UK Nuclear Base

Protesters resolute as they prepare for a third night sleeping on the tarmac.

Campaigners from a number of countries are co-operating to keep a round the clock occupation of the entrance to the construction site at AWE Burghfield. The blockade was set up when groups arrived on Monday morning and locked themselves across the road either side of the gate moving into the actual gateway later in the afternoon and are still there.

AWE Burghfield is where nuclear warheads are assembled before being transported to the Trident submarine base at Coulport in Scotland.  Yesterday the British public learned of plans to upgrade the Mark 4 warhead to make it more accurate and have greater destructive power and of design work to develop a completely new warhead to commit the UK to being a nuclear weapon state for decades to come. The building work currently being undertaken is to ensure that this nuclear work continues there for many years. That work had been stopped this week

People present today are from England, Scotland, Wales, France, Belgium, Germany and Finland.

A Trident Ploughshares spokesperson said: This is the first time we have sustained a blockade from one day and overnight into the next for three full days and it is still continuing. We are in our arm-tubes almost the whole time right in front of the gates stopping them from opening. We want an end to the threat of nuclear anihilation.

Tristi from France said ” We are two young women here from France because we are concerned about nuclear war which is not just a local issue but a global problem. It is a threat against all humanity and the whole planet. We invite everyone from the UK to come and join us in this international action.”

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