Press release:Entrance to UK nuke factory blocked by protests for 4th day

Blockaders at AWE Burghfield, the UK’s nuclear weapons factory, are still in place on the 4th day of a planned month of protest. No traffic can access the Construction Gate entrance. The blockade has been joined by protesters frrom Yorkshire CND  today, including former M.E.P Michael McGowen. It is the fourth blockade YCND have been involved in over the last two years
Former Labour Euro-MP for Leeds Michael McGowan  says
“At a time when people in our city are depending on foodbanks, it is just abhorrent that we should consider spending such astronomical sums on a weapon that we could never use. Nuclear weapons are not just immoral but totally outdated and it’s time that we got in line with most countries in the world and disarmed.”
Police have been removing protesters banners and notices from the fence and have given 2 protesters notices of summons for breach of Byelaws in place at the factory. They are also photographing anti-trident lettering on the ground near the entrance, but no more arrests as yet.

For info direct from the blockade phone Angie Zelter on 074-565-88943Pics available – see

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