News Index 2008

2008 News reports as listed in the index below are available as a Pdf or Word doc for the year, at bottom of index, until the reports can be further indexed by month and report as single items. Any links found in the documents won’t work until they’ve been changed.

18th Veteran peace campaigner jailed for three months for US “missile defence” action
18th Decision by US firm Jacobs to buy into Atomic Weapons Establishment condemned by Trident Ploughshares
13th Nuclear bomb-makers serenaded with revamped Christmas carols in London

15th “Guilty of trying to provide a better future for the world”

27th Aldermaston Big Blockade Success
24th Eight Acquitted After Rolls Royce Blockade
23rd Campaigners to Blockade Nuclear Bomb Factory to Mark World Disarmament Week
16th Trial From Hiroshima Day Action at Fylingdales

8th Hiroshima Day Action at RAF Fylingdales

19th One year since the Scottish government voted NO

19th No case to answer for blocking illegal work on weapons of mass destruction.

28th Anti Nuclear Protestors Blockade Derby Rolls Royce

7th Peace Activists Expose Lockheed Martin Nuclear Weapons Maker

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