News Index 2006

2006 News reports as listed in the index below are available as a Pdf or Word doc for the year, at bottom of index, until the reports can be further indexed by month and report as single items. Any links found in the documents won’t work until they’ve been changed.

21st Vigil and Graffiti at Nuclear Warhead Store
11th Arrests as British Nuclear Weapon Sites Disrupted
2nd Prestwick Citizen Inspectors Acquitted

23rd UK Activists Get Into French New “Mini-Nukes” Site
21st Bombmakers Exposed near Victoria Station
17th TPers Return to John Reid’s Office
11th Staggering Police Admission at Faslane Trial
8th Court Fails to Uphold the Law Yet Again.
5th Rolls Royce Blockaders Plead Not Guilty Because Trident is Illegal Under International Law.

10th Deal with the Root Causes of Terrorism
9th Activists Paint Peace Words On Nagaski Day
9th Report From the Citizen’s War Crime Detectives Inspection of Prestwick Over Last 3 Days
8th Third Strike for Prestwick as Weapons Inspectors Again Gain Access to US Military Plane
7th Prestwick War Crime Detectives Arrested after Boarding US Plane
3rd Two Arrested for Publicising Britain’s Terror Weapons

25th Delight at Important Acquittal of Pitstop Ploughshares
14th Protesters Gather at Sharp End of Trident Debate
10th Ten Arrests as Builders Blocked at AWE

30th Nuclear Trains Day of Action
26th Disruption at RNAD Coulport
12th Block the Builders Take Protest To Chippenham

22nd Devonport Camp 2006
21st Trident Ploughshares Devonport Camp Is Now Closed
18th Ploughshares Pirates Set to Defy New Laws
16th Trident Ploughshares To Visit Dockyard
16th Trident Ploughshares Poorly Treated At Dockyard

19th Sound of Silence in Faslane Court
10th Protestors Prevent Contractors Work at Nuclear Site

13th AWE Aldermaston: Block the Builders Strike Again!

24th War Criminal Flees Country
19th Important Law Lords Hearing on Iraq
16th Admonishments and Deferred Sentences for Coulport Activists
13th Trident Ploughshares Wedding at Devonport

30th AWE Aldermaston: Building Work Stopped By Peaceful Blockade
18th SSP Peace Spokesperson Fined for Anti-Trident Action
9th Faslane Invaders Admonished

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