News index 2004

2004 News reports as listed in the index below are available as a Pdf or Word doc for the year, at bottom of index, until the reports can be further indexed by month and report as single items. Any links found in the documents won’t work until they’ve been changed.

22nd Activists, including Santa Claus, Disrupt WMD Base at Faslane
13th Activist Challenges Faslane Court on Disabled Access

23rd Defendants found Guilty in Burghfield fence-cutting case
23rd Wacky Court Does Not Disappoint
22nd Faslane Court Moves Goalposts Again
22nd Abuse of Attendance Order at Faslane Court
14th Senior Police Officer to Give Evidence for Defence in Faslane Trial
10th Lockheed Martin: Whereabouts of manufacturer of W.M.D. exposed
6th The Vanunu 5
5th South Wales Councillor Jailed for Peace Actions

29th Court to Quiz Hoon over Nuclear Threats
28th Defendants found Guilty in Burghfield fence-cutting case
27th Magistrate allows arguments based on international law in Reading courtroom!
25th Trident Court Flummoxed by Human Rights Challenge
24th Won’t Pay to Hide Weapons of Mass Destruction
24th Sunday Herald: Faslane protest minister faces jail
20th “Strong, Independent and Courageous Judges Needed!”
19th Anti-Trident Protesters Rejected But Not Dejected
18th Former MSP and Church Minister among High Court Faslane Appeals
11th ’Trident sub’ that Blockaded Downing Street All Day Today Lives to ’Fight’ Another Day

14th Weapons Inspectors Fined
8th Seven Days in Jail for WMD Protest
8th Jail for Peace Activist “Not in public interest” says JP

31st Activists Arrested Highlighting Weapons of Mass Destruction on the Clyde
31st Campaign Against Clyde Nuclear Bases To Continue
30th Disruption Continues at Clyde Trident Bases
27th Anti-Nuke Swimmers Get Into Faslane Again
27th Anti-Nuke Swimmers 15 metres from Trident Sub
26th Tony Told, “They are here”
26th Community Service Results From a Real “Community Service” at Faslane
25th Anti Nuke Swimmer Who Climbed on N-sub in Court
24th Blockade Puts More Pressure on Local Court
23rd Anti-Nuke Swimmers Kick Off Day of Action at Faslane
23rd All Gates Blocked at British Nuke Base
23rd 70 Arrests as Peace Activists Block British WMD Site
18th Campaigner Jailed as Activists Prepare for Faslane Blockade
9th Security Breach at Faslane Trident Base Highlights UK Government Hypocrisy
6th Two Weeks in Jail for Leuchars Protester
4th Action at Lockheed Martin
2nd Fourteen days of disruption at Clyde WMD bases from 18th August
2nd Security vow after protester is fined

28th Fife Peace Activist Acquitted After Court ’Farce’
28th Pitstop Ploughshares: Still Waiting for Justice
21st Fairford: Mention of Iraq War “Not necessary”
12th Anti Nuclear Oratorio Premieres In Parliament Hall
7th Activists break into Aldermaston WMD factory

28th First Performance for WMD Oratorio
28th Peaceful “re-offending” to the fore as Faslane blockade looms
24th Wheelchair User Breaks Into Nuke Base
23rd Weapons Inspectors Detained at British Nuke Base
18th Fairford Five go to the Court of Appeal
14th Son’s peaceful protest is tribute to mother
9th Blair’s Ongoing Devotion to WMD
8th Guilty Verdict But No Punishment for Protesting Grandmother
2nd Activist Jailed for Resistance
1st Peaceful Disruption at WMD Storage Facility
1st Exposing Britain’s W.M.Ds

29th Devonport Disarmament Camp 2004
28th Devonport Disarmament Camp 2004
18th Lockheed Martin Lock-Out
10th Nuremberg Principles Apply, Claim Peace Protesters
9th Protesters Stop Nuclear Weapons Convoy in Stirling and Balloch
5th More Anti-Trident Activists Fined
4th Trident Ploughshares Undeterred by Rejection of Appeals

28th Deadline for Disarmament, Activists Oppose UK Nuclear Weapon Policy
27th Court Asked to Support Protest Against Injustice
27th Fairford Five Case Update
26th £150 fine for Peaceful Protest
22nd “Northwood 5” Charged After Security Breach
21st Trident Ploughshares pledgers in historic court case at Bristol
21st Campaigners Break Into Top UK Nuke Base As Vanunu Walks Free
20th Deadline for Disarmament Campaign Under Way
14th CND Cymru Vice-Chair will not pay Faslane fine

24th £60 Fine for Faslane Blockader
23rd Mixed Court Fortunes For Faslane Protesters
22nd Moving Through Fear
9th “History will show that we were right” says Faslane protester
8th Activists Disrupt Nuclear Weapons Base
3rd Major Review of Breach of the Peace Concludes in High Court
2nd Breach of the peace appeals get underway

27th Devonport 3: Take your Protest Elsewhere, Says Judge
26th Plymouth Judge Ignores International Lawyer and says “Nukes legal“
25th High Court in Major Review of Breach of the Peace
25th Devonport 3 put Trident on Trial
23rd More Confusion at Erratic Faslane Court
17th Trident Protesters Will Appeal Byelaws Verdict in Marathon Case
12th Third Ploughshares Activist sent to Prison this week
11th Seven Days for Faslane Protester
10th Jail for One, Hefty Fine for Another
10th Easter Bunny Fined £250
2nd Lockheed Martin Lockout

26th Faslane Court Breaks Verdict Pattern
22nd Blair speaks on Trident
21st Newcastle Protesters Fined for Faslane Blockades
20th UK WMD Storage Base Blockaded
13th Faslane Fine For Veteran Peace Campaigner
12th Author Angus Calder Fined for Faslane Blockade

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