News index 2003

2003 News reports as listed in the index below are available as a Pdf or Word doc for the year, at bottom of index, until the reports can be further indexed by month and report as single items. Any links found in the documents won’t work until they’ve been changed.

22nd Fines Lottery at Faslane Court
15th Festive Blockade at Nuclear Weapon Base
10th Faslane Peace Camper in Trident Area
8th £50 for Kicking Police, £100 for Peaceful Sit-down!

20th Derby Rolls Royce Blockaders Found Guilty
16th Fairford Antiwar Trials Update
13th Arresting Me and Not Tommy Sheridan is Discrimination, Says Activist
10th Remand for Anti-Trident Activist
9th Anti-Trident Activists Inside Devonport Dockyard Again

28th Long Tailbacks as Faslane Gate Shut by Protest
16th Nuclear Weapon Convoy Breakdown in National Park
15th Court Issues Arrest Warrant For Ulla Roder
10th Ulla Roder Hearing Adjourned Again
6th Two Arrests This Morning at Devonport
5th Devonport Update
3rd 9 Peace Activists Arrested This Morning In Plymouth
2nd Devonport Challenge to Britains Weapons of Mass Destruction
1st £200 Fine for Sawing Faslane Fence

22nd Peace Activists Arrested Inside Devonport Dockyard
19th Illegal Weapons Of Mass Destrunction Found In The UK
19th Packed Court Hears Of Another Adjournment In Ulla’s Trial
15th UK Nuclear Weapon Depot Blockaded
15th Ulla’s Pre-Trial Hearing Continues Friday
10th Further Hearing Set For Ulla on Monday
8th Swedish Student Fined For Faslane Blockade

25th Fines and Jail for Trident Protesters
15th More Direct Action at the Clyde Nuclear Weapon Bases
14th Five More Arrested at Faslane
13th Anti-Trident Swimmers in Court
12th International Citizens Inspection Team arrested at Scottish nuclear bases
12th Ulla Roder Trial Now Set for 22nd September
11th Faslane Security Breached Yet Again
11th North Gate Roadway Occupied For A Day
9th Ulla Roder released
7th Peace Activists Blockade Faslane Nuclear Base
6th Hiroshima remembered at Faslane
4th Peace campaigner awarded for “moral courage”
3rd Britain’s WMD In The Spotlight

29th Peace Activist Jailed
24th Ulla Roder Trial Now Set for 25th August
23rd Karen Fallon’s Bail Conditions Up For Review
22nd Ulla Roder Hearing Continued To Thursday
17th Peace activist gets 1 day sentence for unpaid fines
7th York Crown Court Sentences Peace Protestor to Three Months
1st War On Trial in Harrogate

24th Ulla Roder Faces Legal Hurdles Before Trial Even Begins
23rd Fines for activists who spray-painted Trident submarine
20th Scottish High Court Quashes Peace Activist’s Supervised Attendance Order
18th “Depleted uranium use has lowered nuclear threshold” claims Faslane Accused
18th Pitstop Ploughshares: Trial Date and Location Changed
17th Ulla Roder Trial to be Adjourned
10th Rosie Kane Undeterred by Faslane Fine
8th Anti-Terrorist Powers Used Again By Police Against Known Peaceful Protestors
4th Skipton Anti-Trident Grandmother Jailed Again
3rd Pitstop Ploughshares in Court 24th June

29th Leuchars Protester Ordered To Pay Compensation
29th Leuchars Disarmer Faces Trial 30th June
29th £190 Fine For Two-Minute Sit-Down at Faslane
21st Spotlight On Britain’s Weapons of Mass Destruction
20th Vigilant Trial Verdict on 23rd June
14th We Spent £500K Defending WMD Against Peaceful Protest, Say MOD

24th Faslane Security Breached Again
23rd Blockade Detainees Released
22nd Really Big Blockade
22nd Really Big Blockade
22nd The Really Big Blockade
18th Shannon Ploughshares Activist Released On Bail
9th Aldermaston Blockaders Fined
2nd Peace Activist Sentenced to 28 Days
1st Trident Ploughshares Activists Found Guilty Of Criminal Damage

29th Peace Campaigner Arrested Inside Fairford Base
28th ’Vile’ Court Case Update
26th More Fines for Trident Protests
25th Devonport Seven Not Guilty
24th MSP Fined For Faslane Blockade
21st Ulla Roder Faces Months on Remand
19th Lakenheath Protester Jailed
14th Trident Activists Found Guilty Of Criminal Damage
14th Thirty B52 Support Vehicles Disabled at RAF Fairford
12th Ulla Roder Confirms Leuchars Tornado “Out of Action”
11th Stop The War! Citizens Of East Anglia Take Direct Action At Lakenheath
10th Trident Activists Challenge The UK Government On Illegal Use Of Nuclear Weapons As We Prepare For An Unlawful War
10th Citizens Inspection Of RAF Leuchars……. Mobilising For Peace
6th Police Inspector Reads Complaint About Britain’s WMD and Thanks Activists
5th Ash Wednesday Service In Edinburgh

26th Peace Activists Arrested After Closing A Factory Refitting Britain’s Weapons Of Mass Destruction
25th Faslane Court Gets Curiouser and Curiouser
25th Whole New Level Of Farce at Faslane Court
18th Aldermaston Compensation Order for Ulla Roder
17th UK WMD stopped in its tracks
12th Tommy Sheridan Not Deterred by Faslane Fine
11th Trial Exposes British Nuclear Weapons Programme
10th Another Faslane Protester Sent to Jail
6th Faslane Nuclear Weapons Base Shut Down
2nd Three arrested at Menwith Hill

28th Peace Activists Close Trident Refit Factory In Derby
23rd Blair, Hoon And Straw To Be Investigated For War Crimes!
20th Helensburgh Court Challenged Again on Trident
14th An Irishman, A Scotsman and an Englishwoman Were in Court…
13th Faslane Fine for Leader of Iona Community
11th Faslane Protester Jailed for 14 Days
8th Savage Compensation Order for Aldermaston Protester
7th RAF Fylingdales Activist Remanded
2nd International human rights activist Angie Zelter deported from Israel
1st International Human Rights Activist Angie Zelter Deported From Israel on New Years Day

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