News index 2002

2002 News reports as listed in the index below are available as a Pdf or Word doc for the year, at bottom of index, until the reports can be further indexed by month and report as single items. Any links found in the documents won’t work until they’ve been changed.

30th Fylingdales Activists Charged
29th Security Breached Again At RAF Fylingdales
23rd One More Trident Fine as Campaigners Review a Year in the Courts
20th HMS Vanguard Damaged in Devonport Accident
8th Warm Welcome for CND Legal Challenge over Iraq War
4th New Year Artists Fined at Helensburgh

29th York Jury Finds Fylingdales Disarmers Guilty
29th Nuclear Dockyard Puts Us In The Target Zone
28th Fylingdales Judge Allows “Lawful Excuse” Defence
27th Swedish Faslane Blockader Jailed
27th “Early Warning Base Part of Trident System” Say Fylingdales Defendants
26th Faslane Protesters Make Sure Trident is in the Dock
26th Prosecution Claim “No Lawful Excuse” in Fylingdales Trial
25th Direct Action Against Trident The Only Option
25th Trial of Fylingdales disarmers begins
19th “We’ll Go On Sounding Trident Alarm” Say Locals
18th Another Faslane Protester Jailed
18th Activists Board Trident Submarine Undetected
17th Activists Remain In Custody As Peace Campaigners Demonstrate Outside Police Station
15th Peace Campaigners Gather In Plymouth
13th Helensburgh Court Not Interested In Trident Or The Law
12th Bishop Backs Peace Campaign
12th Aamer Anwar Criticises Crown for Prosecuting Peaceful Protester
11th Protester Acquitted After “Possession but no deployment” Claim
4th Get Down To Devonport – Block The Dock!!

29th Protester Accuses Court of Making a Mockery of the Law
29th “Don’t Fire Trident At Iraq”
28th More Appeals as Helensburgh Continues to Ignore High Court
22nd Further Confusion Over Faslane Court Cases
15th Faslane Acquittal First Dividend of Sheridan Appeal
9th Tommy Sheridan Acquittal Valid Say Law Lords
8th Woman Fined for Stopping Nuke Convoy in Glen Fruin
2nd Peace Activist Challenges Faslane to Produce its Nuclear Licence
1st Kirk Minister Acquitted on Faslane Charge

25th AWE Aldermaston Fails To Produce Bomb Making Licence
23rd Activist Fined for Stopping Royal Minibus
13th Legal Challenge To Protest Law
11th A Better Court Day for Anti-Trident Campaigners
10th Hereford Protester Found ’Not Guilty’
6th Symbolic disarmament spray-painting U.S. warplane in Ireland
4th Protesters Fined for Halting Transport of Weapons of Mass Destruction
3rd Hefty Fine for Faslane Blockader
2nd Trident Activists Arrested In Bid For “Maximum Disarmament Of Nuke Sub In Plymouth”

27th Fresh Accusations of District Court Ineptitude and Bias
26th Trident is Genocide, Claims Faslane Blockader
25th Disarmer refused to pay to hide weapons of mass destruction still at liberty
23rd Statement on the AWE Site Development Strategy Plan
22nd Ulla Roder Deportation Threat Evaporates
21st Ulla Roder Acquitted on Malicious Mischief Charge
20th Ulla Roder and February Blockaders on Trial Today
19th International Disarmament Camp at Coulport, Scotland
18th Campaigners Take Stock and Look Ahead
18th Coulport Camp Updates
15th Public Gallery Cleared as Activists Appear in Court
14th “Protecting the Species” Action Day
13th Devonport Seven Denied Justice
13th “Breaching the War” at Coulport and in Court
12th More Arrests at Faslane as Campaigners Slam UK Government Hypocrisy
12th Dumbarton Sheriff Says Faslane Blockader Did Not Breach Peace
9th Peace and Hope festival to follow week of commemoration
8th Faslane security breached again as protesters paint on Trident
8th Released Trident Swimmer Tells of Sub-Painting Exploit
6th “Don’t Fire Trident at Iraq!”
6th Hiroshima Day commemorated at Devonport
6th Trident Ploughshares and Voices In The Wilderness Shut Faslane Main Gate
5th Trident Ploughshares Blockade Faslane
2nd Renowned Peace Activist Jailed
1st The hippies are back! Coulport caught out early!

31st More Fines For Faslane Objectors as MSP Backs Blockade on Monday
30th More protesters in court as anti-Trident campaigners gear up for two weeks of action
23rd Two Weeks of Disarmament Action at Faslane and Coulport in August
7th Granny Jailed For Hiroshima Day Protest

25th Tommy Sheridan Faslane Acquittal is Step Forward, Claim Activists
24th “We put our bodies where our hearts are” says Faslane Blockader
18th “We’ll Be Back!” Promise Activists As Aldermaston Camp Ends
18th Scottish Parliament Demonstrator Admonished
17th Activists Enter Aldermaston As News Breaks Of New Bomb Factory
16th Blair Hijacks World Peace Process With Plans For New Illegal Nuclear Bomb Factory
14th Local Support Grows For Anti-Nuclear Campaign
13th Political Messages Of Support Continue To Flood In For Anti-Nuclear Campaigners
12th 20th Birthday of Faslane Peace Camp: Activists Enter Base
11th Grandmother Jailed for Faslane Protest
11th Scottish High Court Finds Helensburgh Court All at Sea Again
10th District Court Rejects Lloyd Quinan’s Human Rights Submission in Faslane Case
6th Protesters Act to Halt Nuclear Crime at AWE Aldermaston

31st Faslane Blockader Committed No Crime, Says Sheriff
22nd Protester Wins Rare Appeal Court Hearing
17th Bailiffs Again for Cromer Peace Activist
17th Crown fails to notice the war at Devonport Trident case
14th Former Magistrate Fined For Faslane Blockade
13th Kirk Minister Says No to Faslane Fine
10th Peaceful Protests Continue at Faslane Naval Base
8th Granny Fined For Hiroshima Day Protest
7th Bingley Magistrates Jail Peace Activist
1st Overwhelmed by the taste of porridge
1st 21 days for Veteran Peace Campaigner

23rd Newcastle Activists Fined for Cutting Fence at Nuclear Warhead Depot
22nd Key High Court Appellant Fined for Faslane Protest
17th Two More Faslane Protesters Fined
10th Helen Pays Her “Sub”
8th Warrants Issued After Big Blockaders Snub Scottish Court

28th Caroline Pays Her ’Sub’
28th Ulla Roder Admonished and Freed
27th Second £200 Fine Within a Month For Faslane Protester
25th Angie Zelter Will Pay Fine “When UK Acts on Disarmament Promise”
18th Mass Destruction Weapon Convoy Stopped in Scotland
11th New Faslane Trial Date Set For George Galloway
6th 70 Year Old Faslane Blockader Defies Scottish Court
4th Trident Swimmer Jailed for 34 Days

27th Faslane Protester “Eloquent but Guilty”
25th Faslane Protester Quotes Tony Blair in Court
22nd TP Pledger Margaret Jones gets 40 days
18th Bail Conditions Relaxed for Devonport Protesters
15th Ulla Roder Remanded For 5 Weeks
14th Faslane Blockader Accuses Court of Abuse of Process
13th 8 week old baby and mother arrested at Faslane
13th “We’ll be back!” say Faslane Blockaders
12th Peaceful protest continues at Faslane nuclear base
12th Main Gate to Faslane nuclear base still closed
11th Three day Faslane blockade off to a flying start
11th 500 protestors, 113 arrests
11th Block ’n’ Roll 2002
11th Politicians held in Trident protest
6th Crown Admits Defeat on Scottish Parliament Demo Cases
3rd Clergy Court Prison Over Nuclear Base
3rd Seven Arrested in Devonport Anti-Trident Protest

30th Sheriff Says Sit-Down At Faslane Not A Crime
30th Pensioner Sent Down For Peace Action
28th Artist for Peace Fined
23rd Scottish Magistrate Waives Fine Imposed on anti-Trident Activist
22nd Big Blockade Case Against Buddhist Monk Dropped for Lack of Interpreter
20th River In Deep Water Again
15th No Deportation For Ulla Roder
14th Another Big Blockader Fined
11th Newbury Magistrates Court Update
10th Ulla Roder Fined For Stirling Convoy Action

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