News index 2001

2001 News reports as listed in the index below are available as a Pdf or Word doc for the year, at bottom of index, until the reports can be further indexed by month and report as single items. Any links found in the documents won’t work until they’ve been changed.

18th Two More Scottish Parliament Demonstrators Acquitted
13th Another Scottish Parliament Demonstrator Acquitted
11th Message from Jenny Gaiawyn in Cornton Vale
10th Hefty Compensation Order for Remembrance Day Action
4th Month in Jail For Veteran Peace Campaigner

29th MSP and MEP Slam Savage Sentence on Peace Activist
26th Green MEP Ready To Risk Jail In Faslane Case
22nd Green MEP Faces Faslane Trial on Monday
21st Tripod Protester Fined
19th “War Crimes Inspectors” Close Rolls-Royce Office
19th Peace Activist Protests Against Double Punishment
17th Campaigners Close Downing Street to “Secure Terrorist Suspects”
13th Three More Protesters Win Appeal Against Helensburgh Magistrate
12th Another Scottish Parliament Demonstrator Acquitted
12th Activists in Faslane Trial Tell of Weak Security at Nuclear Submarine Base
8th Anti-Trident Campaign Promises Direct Action in London Next Week
7th Court Inconsistency Again as Big Blockaders Admonished
5th Trident Ploughshares’ Formal Complaint Re “Parasites” Slur

29th Four Courts, A Prison And Some “Parasites”
27th Euro Green Spokesperson Defies Scottish Court
23rd Faslane Blockader Jailed
22nd OKBLOK: MSP’s among 150 arrests at Faslane
22nd Anti-Trident campaigners hail OKBLOK a success
22nd Faslane Security Breached Again
22nd OKBLOK News
19th Verdict Today on Aldermaston Citizen Inspectors
19th School Students Join Faslane Blockade
19th Conditional Discharge for Aldermaston Citizen Inspectors
18th Aldermaston Citizen Inspectors on Trial in Newbury
18th Not Proven Verdict for Danish Campaigner on Scottish Parliament Charge
17th Hundreds Expected At Faslane Blockade On Monday
12th West Dunbartonshire Councillor Blasts Nuclear Hypocrisy
10th Sheridan Acquittal Means Nothing To Dumbarton Sheriff
8th Sheridan Not Guilty
8th Stop Ulla Roder Being Deported
5th “Defiant” Disarmer Jailed and Recommended for Deportation
5th Big Blockaders Ask Scottish Court to Uphold Justice
4th Activist Wins Appeal Against Maverick Magistrates’s Sentence
4th Prestigious Peace Prize For Trident Ploughshares
4th Trident Disarmers Go Free As Jury Is Hung Again
3rd Trial Of Trident Disarmers Could End Today
3rd Terrifying Evidence From Defence Expert Witness in Trident Trial
1st More Trident Resisters in Court as October Blockade of Faslane Looms
1st Witness Confirms Trident Disarmers Held Up Submarine For A Month

28th Conditional Discharge for Aldermaston Disarmers
25th Activist Uses Police TV Interview in Big Blockade Trial
20th British CND Chair Fined for Blockading Faslane
18th Scottish Parliament Protester Told to Stop Breaching the Peace
17th Heavy Fines for Big Blockaders
14th Ulla Roder Convicted for Painting Trident Sub in Faslane
13th In Court Today at Newbury and Helensburgh
10th Four Faslane Protesters Acquitted
3rd Ulla in Court
3rd Anti-Trident Scottish Parliament Demonstrator Acquitted

29th Meanwhile today in Court no 2…
28th Dumbarton Sheriff Clears Big Blockader on “Trumped-Up” Charge
27th Guilty Verdict in First Trial of Scottish Parliament Trident Demonstrators
25th Scottish Parliament Protester On Trial On Monday
22nd Louise Refuses To Turn Up; Morag Gets Off
18th Big Blockaders Unbowed as Scottish Court Hands Out Heavy Fines
17th Another Peace Activist Sent To Prison As Court Cases Pile Up
14th Police Witnesses Fail to Identify Accused in Two Trident Cases
11th One More Activist Swims Into Trident Area At Faslane
10th Crown Appeal Against Bail For Trident Ploughshares Activist
9th 7 Arrests in Nagasaki Day Blockade of UK Nuke Base
8th Resistance to Trident continues with ’disco’ action at Faslane
7th Ploughshares Activists Pile on the Pressure at UK Nuke Bases
7th No Vandalism Charge for Nuke Sub Spray-Painter
6th Activists paint nuclear submarine on Hiroshima anniversary
6th Hiroshima anniversary marked with vigils and direct action
5th Activists hold impromptu carnival outside warhead base
4th Anti-nuclear groups sign ’Helensburgh Treaty’
3rd Ploughshares Activists Buzz Trident Sub
2nd Ploughshares activists breach security at nuclear base again

31st Ploughshares activists’ sea action delays submarine patrol
30th Ploughshares Activists Blockade Nuke Warhead Base
28th Veteran Campaigner Arrested as Trident Ploughshares Camp Begins
22nd Peace Campaigner’s Son Subjected to “Terrorist” Treatment by Met
16th Disarmers Plan 14 Days of Disruption at Clyde Nuke Bases
8th Big Blockade Fines Lottery
4th Trident Ploughshares Delight at Menwith Hill Action

22nd Stirling Tolerates Nuclear Bombs But Bans Peace Protesters
21st Crown Abandons Case Against Anti-Trident Activists in Mid Trial
21st Activists Stop Nuclear Convoy Near Stirling
19th SSP Candidate Admonished at Dumbarton Sheriff Court
14th Scottish Court Turns Down Appeal by Activist
11th Helensburgh District Court
6th Peace Activists Disrupt Nuclear Arms Store
1st Sheriff Refuses To Recommend Deportation of Peace Activist

31st Newbury Magistrates Jail Belgian Activist
30th Harrogate Court Delays Sentence on Angie Zelter
30th Bernard De Witte Sent to Prison
29th Trident Ploughshares Activist Sent to Jail
29th Trident Three Member Faces Three Month Jail Sentence
25th Sentenced Jubilee Ploughshares Activists Will Carry On
24th Jury Still Out in Jubilee Ploughshares Trial
23rd Jury Likely to Retire Tomorrow in Jubilee Ploughshares Trial
22nd Heavy Jail Sentences For Missile Defence Activists
22nd Nuclear Weapon Security Shambles Exposed at Jubilee Ploughshares Trial
21st Focus on Chelmsford as Jubilee Ploughshares Trial Starts
14th 40 Arrests at Berkshire Nuclear Weapons Factory
14th 50 Arrests at Blockade of UK Nuclear Weapons Factory
14th Thames Valley Police Try to Intimidate Anti-Nuclear Protesters
13th Aldermaston Security Breached Yet Again
13th Disarmament Camp Grows at Aldermaston
12th Activists Get Inside Nuke Site Second Night in a Row
11th 8 Arrests Overnight at Trident Warhead Factory
9th Direct Action Against Aldermaston This Weekend
9th Resistance to Trident Continues in Scottish Courts
1st Activists Set to Confront UK Nuclear Bomb Factory

27th Trident Three Activist Spray-Paints UK Nuclear Weapon Submarine
26th Scottish Parliament Demonstrators Appear in Court
26th Trial of Trident Disarmers Adjourned
23rd Trident Ploughshares Activists Reclaim the Law
20th High Court Upholds Aldermaston Bar on Activist
18th Norfolk Anti-Trident Activist Fined in Scottish Court
7th 16 Arrests at Faslane as Anti-Trident Campaign Continues
5th Dramatic Banner-Drop in Scottish Parliament

31st Campaigners Slam “Shabby” High Court Judgement
30th Scottish High Court Ducks Trident Issue
27th Seven Days in Jail For Determined Activist
26th Jubilee Ploughshares Update
22nd Trident Three High Court Judgement On 30th March
11th Faslane Peace Camp Press Release
7th Helensburgh District Court – A New Record for the lowest fine!

27th Ian Thomson in Dumbarton Sheriff Court
23rd For Mother Earth: Faslane Adventure 12th/13th Feb
12th Big Blockade Media Reports
7th Faslane: The Really Big Blockade
2nd Support Grows for Faslane Blockade

30th Expert Witnesses Back Anti-Trident Activists at Newbury
30th Cross-Party MSPs Back Faslane Blockade
30th Anti-Nuclear Activists “Sincere but Guilty”
26th Disarmers Challenge Chief Constable not to Arrest Blockaders
24th Another Peace Activist Goes to Prison
22nd Helensburgh Court gets Even More Loopy
19th Trident Three Member Does it Again
18th Aldermaston blockaders found guilty and one case thrown out at Newbury Magistrates
17th Jury Out in Trident Conspiracy Trial
16th Trident Conspiracy Verdict Expected Tomorrow or Thursday
16th Nuclear Convoy Disarmers in Court at Peterborough this Friday
15th We Really Mean to Disarm Trident, Claims Defence Witness
12th Second Defendant Testifies in Trident Conspiracy Trial
11th “Direct Action Has Been Effective” Says International Expert
10th Activist Attacks Nuclear Chain in Trident Conspiracy Trial
9th Trident Criminal Conspiracy Trial Begins at Manchester
5th Manchester Trial Will Put Trident on the Spot
5th Jubilee Ploughshares Appear in Peterborough Crown Court
3rd Magistrate Avoids Jailing Activist Who Will Not Pay Fines
2nd A Jubilee Ploughshares Update

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