News index 2000

2000 News reports as listed in the index below are available as a Pdf or Word doc for the year, at bottom of index, until the reports can be further indexed by month and report as single items. Any links found in the documents won’t work until they’ve been changed.


30th UK Citizen to be Deported after Action at Netherlands Nuclear Weapon Base
21st Tommy Sheridan Released Tomorrow
18th Trident Three Member Arrested
12th Tommy Sheridan Heads for Jail on Sunday Night
6th Activist Found Not Guilty and Then Sent to Jail
4th Court Veto on Peace Activists’ Defence
3rd Trident Ploughshares Conspiracy Trial

28th Pensioner Jailed for Anti-Trident Action
26th Helping To Disarm Weapons Of Mass Destruction
21st Veteran Peace Campaigner Threatened with Jail
19th Trident Convoy Halted Twice
17th Call to Trident Judges to Face the Obvious
16th Maytime Disarmer Challenges High Court to Declare Trident Illegal
15th Britain Must Obey International Law on Trident
14th Scottish Parliament Member Threatened with Jail
14th Scottish High Court Told UK Nuclear Threat is Real
13th Surprise Faslane Peace Camp Blockade
12th East Anglians Arrested in Remembrance Day Action at Nuclear Weapons Factory
11th Remberance Day Actions Challenge Both Ends Of The Nuclear Chain
8th Tommy Sheridan on Trial As Trident Review Restarts
6th Another Trident Ploughshares Activist Jailed
5th Trident Ploughshares Activists Return To Aldermaston
3rd Catholics Convert Convoy

25th Women skip court to do an action
25th Dutch Activist Sent To Prison
23rd Activist to Appeal Guilty Verdict and Heavy Fine
13th Historic Nuclear Weapons Case Adjourned
12th Trident Illegal, Claims QC
11th Scottish High Court Hears that Trident is a Crime
10th ’Trident Three’ Member Tells High Court Trident is Illegal
9th High Court Trident Hearing Begins
4th Local Court Seizing Up Under Pressure From Peace Activists
4th Seven Arrests At Nuclear Weapons Base

29th High Court All at Sea Over Trident Three Review
28th Key Preliminary Hearing Tomorrow For Review of Trident Three Ruling
20th Trident Jury Hung On Second Charge
19th Trident disarmers Not Guilty on One Charge
18th The Jury is (Nearly!) Out – Verdict Tomorrow
15th Trident: an ever present threat
14th AWTT Trial – Day Three
14th We cut down the UK nuclear threat by one quarter” protester claims
13th Court Issues Warrant to Arrest Tommy Sheridan
13th AWTT Trial – Day Two
13th Scottish Magistrate Refuses To Wait on High Court
13th Trident Trasher inspired by Hawks action
12th LAR Hearing at Edinburgh High Court
11th Trial of Zoe Weir and David Heller for Fence Cutting action 18th Aug 1999
11th AWTT Trial – Day One
4th Anger at Massive Fine for Peace Activist
1st Support for arrested councillors

30th More Confusion at Helensburgh District Court
30th Another Bizarre Day In Helensburgh District Court
26th Support for Rosie and Rachel on Trial, 11th September 2000
23rd TP Pledger Marjan Willemsen Acquitted
16th Ploughshares Activist Remanded
14th Biased Police Are Ignoring Crime, Say Activists
14th They Think It’s All Over…
11th Ploughshares Activist Given “Stay Away” Bail Conditions as Court System Creaks
10th Eleven Arrests in Nagasaki Day Actions at Nuke Bases
9th Sea Activists Penetrate Nuke Base
8th Pressure for Nuclear Disarmament Intensifies at Coulport
7th Pressure For Nuclear Disarmament Continues at Faslane
4th Ploughshares Activists Block Gate to Warhead Depot
3rd Ten Arrests As Disarmers Apply Pressure
2nd 83 Arrested yesterday on First Day of Ploughshares August Campaign
2nd Trident Ploughshares Activist Jailed
1st Ploughshares Blockade Opens Disarmament Fortnight
23rd Ploughshares Challenge to Civil Police as Blockade Looms
20th Ploughshares To Blockade Faslane Again
10th Knee-Jerk Magistrate Accused of Contempt

27th Ploughshares Activist Jailed
23rd “Time To Re-Consider Nuclear Crime”
22nd Four Hundred Miles For Peace
19th Activists Breach Security At UK Star Wars Base

31st Case Against Protester Not Proven
22nd 46 Arrests in Blockade of Nuclear Bomb Factory
21st Member of “Trident Three” Among First Arrests at Aldermaston Camp
20th Music ensemble at gates of Aldermaston
19th Activists Want To Meet MP Martin Salter
18th MOD Half-truths to Workers about Trident Ploughshares
17th Trident Ploughshares Set up Camp at AWE Aldermaston
11th Ploughshares Activists To Confront Aldermaston
10th Determined Activists Return To Faslane
10th Legal Challenge to Trident Warhead Production
9th Tommy Sheridan To Appear In Court Tomorrow
8th Tommy Sheridan Pleads Not Guilty To Trident Charge
5th Peace Activist Faces Jail Rather Than Pay for Damage to Nuke Base
4th Government and Judges Join Forces to Stifle Debate on Illegal Nuclear Weapons

31st Ploughshares Activists and Lord Advocate Take Trident To High Court
13th JP Finds Peace Activists Not Guilty
3rd Midlanders Found Guilty at Newbury

17th Magistrate hears expert witnesses in Aldermaston trial. Verdict Expected 3rd March
14th 185 Arrests At Faslane
10th Green MEP to Claim Parliamentary Privilege if Arrested in Nuclear Base Blockade
7th 300 Activists Prepare to Disrupt Trident
2nd Sheriff Questions Legal Aid Ruling And Frees Peace Activist
1st Peace Activists to Blockade Faslane on St. Valentines’s Day

31st Minor Ploughshares Case Still Unresolved After 14 Months
28th Lancaster Judge discharges jury and orders a retrial
25th Prosecution claim damage of £110,000 to HMS Vengeance
25th JP Rejects Devolution Plea Without Explanation
24th Lord Advocate Refers Greenock Ruling
21st Vera Baird to Represent Trident Trashers
11th Trial Of Trident Ploughshares Disarmers Begins In Lancaster Crown Court On 24th January

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