News index 1999

1999 News reports as listed in the index below are available as a Pdf or Word doc for the year, at bottom of index, until the reports can be further indexed by month and report as single items. Any links found in the documents won’t work until they’ve been changed.

18th Jury backs granny’s anti-nuclear graffiti
13th Upcoming London Trial on DU, Star Wars, Trident, Sanctions: MPs to testify
8th Breach Of The Peace Concept Challenged By Peace Activist
6th Contradictory Testimony At Trial Of Demonstrator
2nd Ploughshares Activist Refuses Bail Conditions

29th Trident Ploughshares Open New Legal Front
24th Ploughshares Activists Remanded At Barrow
23rd Ploughshares Activists Arrested In Trident Sub Dock
22nd Irish Activist Calls on Britain to Decommission Trident
15th Ploughshares “Crimestoppers” Hold up Nuke Base
14th Ploughshares Activists Back at Trident Bases
8th First Ploughshares “Post-Gimblett” Camp this Weekend

27th Peace Activists Welcome Referral to The High Court
27th Trident Three Praised in European Parliament
25th Standard Fare From Local JP In Face Of Landmark Ruling
18th Britain Could Ditch Trident Overnight
15th MSPs Show Solidarity with Ploughshares Three
14th Danish Peace Activist Testifies in Scottish Court
13th Disarmers Besiege Delta House
13th Judge Backs Prisoner on Right to Act Against Nuclear Crime
12th “Britain’s Trident is a Child Killer” Defendant Tells Jury.
8th More Legal History at Greenock as Legal Aid Chief Executive is Summoned
7th Disarmers’ Target “Of Prime Importance to Trident” Admits Crown Witness
6th MSP Backs Ploughshares Disarmers
5th Parliamentary support for the Loch Goil Three
1st “Maytime” Part of Trident System, Court Agrees
1st In Court, US Expert Hammers Britain for Breach of International Law on Nukes

28th Greenock Peace Trial Sets the Real Moral Agenda
3rd Activist paints the Scottish Parliament and High Court

29th Swimming Activists Arrested in Faslane Overnight
20th Swimmers breach security at Trident nuclear base
19th Daring Attempt to Reach Trident Docking Berths
18th Activists “Decorate” Trident Submarine Test Station
17th Disarmers Pile on The Pressure
16th Dutch Peace Activist Jailed in Scotland
14th Member of SNP executive arrested
13th Justice of the Peace Describes Case Against Activist as “a frail bark”
12th 17 Arrested as Activists Blockade Nuclear Bomb Store
6th MSP Tommy Sheridan Joins Disarmament Protest and Promises Action in Scottish Parliament

17th Vengeance Disarmers to be Tried in January
14th Burton -on-the-Wolds Activist Released
14th Activist Set Free after Parliament Day Action
13th Security at Atom Bomb Factory Breached by Activists

17th Loch Goil Disarmers Face £100,000 Theft and Damage Charge
9th Trident Test Station Disarmers Remanded
8th Peace Activists Disarm UK Trident Test Station

30th Over 260 Arrests at NATO Headquarters
27th Walkers for Peace Face Batons and Water-Cannon at Nato HQ
16th 16 Disarmers Arrested at Faslane
16th Hung Jury in Ploughshares Conspiracy Trial
15th MEP Candidate, Professor Neil McCormick, Joins Faslane Protest
12th Activists Apply Fresh Pressure asa Scotland Rejects Trident

27th One More To Hammer” Say Activists as Vengeance Sneaks North

31st Retired Headteacher Admonished for Disarmament Action
22nd Police Admit People Can Shut Down Nuke Base
16th Scottish Prison Service Fails to Apologise to Peace Activist
15th Court Fails To Earn Respect of Peace Activist
10th ’Nuclear Weapons a Blasphemy Against God’ Says Swedish Pastor
7th Appeal Breakthrough Puts Spotlight on Trial of Swedish Ministers
5th Activist Jailed for ’Not in my name’ Actions
2nd Court Lightens Bail Conditions For Trident Disarmers
1st Aldermaston Women in court for trashing Trident

17th Activists Hit Aldermaston Death Factory
15th Canavan, Sheridan and Wolfe in attendance as 41 arrested in Faslane blockade
10th Dennis Canavan and Norman Shanks Join Blockade of Faslane
8th Trident Disarmer Bailed at Barrow for Unique Exploit
2nd Activists charged with £25000 worth of damage to Trident submarine
1st Nuclear Trident Disarmed by TP2000 Peace Activist Women
1st Cornton Vale complaint prompts Prison Commission to recommend new training and procedures
1st Aldermaston Women Trash Trident At Barrow

27th Activist Held in Contempt as TP2000 Signals Confrontation with Courts
19th Query over Security at Nuclear Weapons Base as Activist is Admonished
13th Cancer Nurse Protests Against Nuclear Weapons

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