News index 1998

1998 News reports as listed in the index below are available as a Pdf or Word doc for the year, at bottom of index, until the reports can be further indexed by month and report as single items. Any links found in the documents won’t work until they’ve been changed.


10th Peace Activist Fined as UK Confirms Nuclear Threat

19th Ploughshares activists fined at Helensburgh
16th Trumped-up charges claim as TP2000 activists appear in court
15th Six arrested at Trident nuclear weapons base
15th Scottish church leader says Trident is sinful
14th TP2000 activists lock up MoD building in Glasgow
13th Scottish church leaders take part in a weekend of prayer and direct action against Trident
13th Five women arrested at Faslane
12th Over 112 arrests in campaign of direct action against Trident nuclear weapons
10th International Law Applies in Scotland, Claims Law Lecturer
9th Jonathan Schell, author of ’The Fate of The Earth’
6th We’re Back!

28th Court Gridlock Looms as TP2000 Activists are Fined
22nd Continuing Concern at Cornton Vale Abuse
9th Disarmer Admonished as Sheriff Ducks Global Law Issue

29th International Trident Submarine Disarmers Admonished
28th Scottish Courts Again On The Spot Over Global Justice
23rd Trident Ploughshares Activists Admonished
23rd Scottish Courts Accused of “Parish Pump” Attitude
22nd Police Investigate Abuse Of Ploughshares Prisoners at Cornton Vale
20th Women Disarmers Punished at Cornton Vale
19th TP2000 Prisoners go on Hunger Strike
17th Sandra’s Shame
2nd Seventh Ploughshare Disarmer Sent To Jail in UK

30th Defencing Coulport Again
27th Imprisoned Ploughshares veteran in High Court today
26th Foreigners Make New Attempt to Disarm Outlawed Nukes
26th ’For Mother Earth’ Disarmers Remanded
26th Imprisoned Ploughshares Veteran in High Court Tomorrow
24th Swimmers Once Again Reach Trident Nuclear Submarine
24th Foreign Trident Disarmers Released, One More UK Campaigner Remanded
21st Court Crackdown on Ploughshares Activists
21st Australian Nuclear Disarmer in Scottish Jail
21st Prisoners of Conscience in Scottish Jails Receive Both Scottish & Global Support
20th Arrests reach 100 at Disarmament Actions
19th Disarmers Confirm They Were Close to Sub
19th Mass Action at Faslane Against UK War Crimes
18th Trident Ploughshares Disarmament Activists Reach Nuclear Submarine in Faslane Naval Base
18th Attempt to Disarm with Melodious Strains!
17th Swedish Nationals Among 10 Disarmers Held Overnight
16th Mass Disarmament at Nuclear Bomb Base
16th Arrests Mount as Disarmers Blockade Coulport Gate
15th Support for Nuclear Disarmament by Hundreds of Peace Activists
14th Hundreds of Peace Activists Signal Open Season on Trident
14th Ploughshares Veteran in Dumbarton Court this Morning
14th TP2000 Activist Freed at Dumbarton
14th Swedish Priest Cuts his way into Faslane Base
13th Fourteen Arrests at Nuclear Weapon Sites
5th Peace Walk – Commemorations of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
4th Horror Weapons Spotlight on Baghdad and London

31st Eleventh Hour Plea to Blair as Deadline Looms
8th Brussels – Parliamentarians join Citizens Inspection against nuclear war crimes

28th Nervous Nukebosses Draft in Riot Cops

27th Blair Challenged as International Activists Pledge to Dismantle the British Nuclear Weapon System

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