Trident Ploughshares – Links to other useful websites

Acronym Institute

Conducts research and publishes information on negotiations and
verification of arms control, disarmament and related treaties and
agreements. Publishes the journal
Disarmament Diplomacy

Abolition 2000 UK

For information about AWE Aldermaston.
Info on exposing and stopping the UK’s next generation of nuclear weapons.

Campaign Against Depleted Uranium (CADU)
Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases
Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND)

Contains a wide range of useful information on UK nuclear issues, including Aldermaston.

Christian CND
Cumbrians Opposed to a Radioactive Environment (CORE)

Useful on Sellafield.

Dump Information Group

Website from Dump Information Group, which was active in campaigning
against nuclear stuff in Plymouth until 1998. Still contains useful
information and photos.

Free Fylingdales Network
Lakenheath Action Group

Campaign focused on removing American nuclear weapons from USAF Lakenheath, Suffolk, UK.

Low Level Radiation Campaign
Nuclear-Free Local Authorities Steering Committee
Nuclear Information Service

Very good site for information on UK nuclear WMD’s.

Nuclear Free Plymouth
Programme for Promoting Nuclear Non-Proliferation
Scottish CND

Includes information about the military bases at Faslane and Coulport
in Scotland. Also regular updates on nuclear issues, and includes
photos of TP related actions.

Youth and Student CND Network
Yorkshire CND
World Court Project UK

NukeWatch monitor and track the movement of British WMD’s from Aldermaston in Berkshire to Coulport on the West coast of Scotland.

Faslane G8 Blockade

Faslane G8 Blockade 4th July 2005. Nonviolent blockade of Faslane nuclear submarine base

Vanunu Freedom Ride

The Vanunu Freedom Ride will be cycling from Faslane to London in April 2006 to mark 20 years since Morechai Vanunu was imprisoned and campaign for his full release. TP are supporting this action and sent the following message of support:

“Trident Ploughshares, a direct action group campaigning against Britain’s nuclear weapons system, warmly supports the efforts of the Vanunu Freedom Ride. We salute your endeavours to raise awareness of Mordechai Vanunu’s present situation. We demand that Israel restores his full human rights and ceases to prevent him leaving Israel and speaking freely to whom he wishes.”

Faslane 365

A civil resistance project focused in Scotland to apply critical public pressure for the disarmament of Britain’s nuclear weapons by a continuous peaceful blockade of the Trident base at Faslane.

Abolition 2000

Global anti-nuclear network.

Federation of American ScientistsFounded as the Federation of Atomic Scientists by scientists who
produced the first nuclear weapons. Conducts research and campaigns on
responsible use of science and technology.
For Mother Earth

An anti-nuclear and peace organisation based in Belgium.

Citizens’ War Crimes Inspection Handbook

Gewaltfreie Aktion Atomwaffen Abschaffen, GAAA

German anti-nuclear organisation


Irish organisation for peace and global justice

Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action

Community which shares a fence with Bangor Trident Base, Washington State, USA

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)

American NGO, researches on nuclear weapons and waste, amongst other environmental issues
Northern European Nuclear Information Group

Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

The Sunflower
newsletter (very useful!).


Swedish network for NVDA against nuclear weapons

Pitstop Ploughshares (Ireland)
Tri-Valley CAREs

Communities Against a Radioactive Environment, California.

Western States Legal Foundation

Monitors and analyzes U.S. nuclear weapons programs and policies

Northern European Nuclear Information Group
Amnesty International UK
Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT)
Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq (CASI)
The D10 Group

Nonviolent resistance to militarism

Free Burma Campaign
Free Tibet Campaign
Human Rights Watch
Institute for War and Peace Reporting
Liberty – The National Council for Civil Liberties
Northern Friends Peace Group
Network for Peace
Peace Pledge Union
Reclaim the Bases
Turning the Tide

Non-violence Training group, who have been involved with the TP non-violence workshops.

Aseistakieltäytyjäliitto, AKL

The Finnish Union for Conscientious Objectors

Anti-Slavery International

Mahatma Gandhi Research and Media Service – some useful resources.

Hague Appeal for Peace
Witness for Peace
Architects and Engineers for Social Responsibility
Campaign following on from the Fairford anti-war actions.
Friends of the Earth
GenetiX Snowball
Greenpeace UK
People and Planet

National student campaigning group.

Scientists for Glogal Responsibility
United Nations Association UK
River’s Tax Court Case

River’s conscientious objection to spending on nuclear weapons.

Nuclear Information Service

Information and news service, to promote public awareness on nuclear disarmament.


Listings and info on British-based cross-movement nvda and home of “Nonviolent Action” mag.

Peace News

the international antimilitarist magazine.

International Court of Justice (ICJ)

Advisory Opinion on Legality of Threat or Use of Nuclear Weapons:

Lawyers’ Committee on Nuclear Policy (LCNP)

Uses national and international law to promote peace and disarmament.
LCNP coordinated the drafting of a Model Nuclear Weapons Convention
which has been circulated by the United Nations.

Lord Advocate’s Reference verdict

A shameful indictment of the biased judiciary.

United Nations – UN Weapons of Mass Destruction Branch Department for Disarmament AffairsPeace and Security through Disarmament.
Yale University Avalon Project

Detailed information of the Nuremberg War Crime Trials.
The Laws of War

Global nuclear forces and stockpilesfrom
Nuclear London

Guide to nuclear weapons related sites in London.

Nuclear notebook

Up to date stockpile information from Bullitin of Atomic Scientists

Nuclear Resources Guide

FAS. Information on weapons of mass destruction.

Pacific Life Research Center

Research papers on Trident, nuclear weapons deployment, and nuclear weapons policy.

Nihon Hidankyo

Japan Confederation of A- and H-Bomb Sufferers Organizations, including: “The A-Bomb and Humanity” (photographs with witness) and book extracts.

Photos and paintings from 1945

Copied from picture-postcards published by the Japanese Consumers’ Co-operative Union.

Shundahai Network

Campaign working on Nevada Test Site and Yucca Mountain Project.

US government YMP site

Be aware that the US nuclear establishment are well known as some of
the most prolific liars in the universe.

Moving Beyond Missile Defence

joint project of the International Network of Engineers and Scientists
Against Proliferation (INESAP) and the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, is
developing alternatives to the emerging missile race.

Good site with photos on Fylingdales
Good site with photos of Menwith Hill
Nuclear History of Micronesia and the Pacific
Bradford University Department of Peace Studies
Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

Journal / magazine dealing with nuclear issues.

Richardson Institute for Peace Studies at Lancaster University
European University Center for Peace Studies (EPU)
Kings Bay Trident Base, Georgia

Includes colour photos of Trident submarines

Royal Navy – Ballistic Submairines (Trident)

Some technical specs, pictures, diagram of interior of vessel.

Royal Navy – HMNB Devonport

Refitting of Trident is currently underway at Devonport.

Royal Navy – HMNB Clyde (Faslane)

Home base of British Trident Submarines. Includes arial photo of base (low resolution).

Homepages of Kouichi Toyoshima

Japanese translations of TP website

FME gallery
AVP Britain

Alternatives to Violence Project workshops

Better world links

Well organised, indexed and searchable… more links than you could shake a stick at!


Be the media!
Links to local Indymedia sites all around the world

Vegan Prisoner Support Group
Thwartnuke 1.0 : Einstein Saves the World from the Stockpile Stewardship Program

downloadable anti-nuke computer game. – The Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons

Educational computer quiz game launching peace doves towards nuclear nations.

Hrant Dink Foundation

War Resisters International – WRI