Legal Documents and Articles – needs linked pages writing

References Used in the Greenock Trial

Summary of Nuclear Weapon Accidents by Angie Zelter [Aug 1999]
Nuclear Weapons and the Law by Lord Murray [Oct 1998]
General Lee Butler Addresses The Canadian Network Against Nuclear Weapons [1998]
The Criminality of Nuclear Deterrence by Prof. F. Boyle [1996]
Tokyo District Court, December 7, 1963 International law and the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki from Japanese Journal of International Law [1964]
The Zyklon B Case Trial of Bruno Tesch and two others before British Military Court [1947]

Legal Articles

Mutual Defence Agreement [MDA] and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty [NPT] Joint Advice [full text] [July 2004]
World Court Project UK Nuclear Weapons, Uncertainty And The Law by George Farebrother, WCP UK [Mar 2001]
Idealism in Action: International Law and Nuclear Weapons in Greenock Sheriff Court by S. Neff [2000]
Putting Nuclear Weapons on Trial by Angie Zelter [Dec 1999]
Disarming Trident: Legality, Morality & Protest in the UK by Angie Zelter [Sept 1998]
Trident and Nuclear Law by Rupert Ticehurst [c.1996]

Useful Background Articles

Lethal Arrogance: Human Fallibility and Dangerous Technologies by Lloyd Dumas [2000]
Using as an example the effect on Britain of a Trident sized force by Paul Rogers [Sept 2000]
Eliminating Nuclear Arsenals: The NPT Pledge and What It Means by Jayantha Dhanapala [3 July 2000]
The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

September/October 1996, Vol 52, No. 5 by Peter Weiss, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists [Sept/Oct 1996]
Testimony of Meindert J F Stelling by Capt. RNAF [c.1996]
We have been guilty by Ulf Panzer
Personal Declaration of Judge Eckart Rottka about the demonstration of “Judges and Public Prosecutors for Peace” in Mutlangen on 12 January 1987

Parliamentary Debates

Scottish Parliament Debate [24th Jan 2002]