June 2016 – A month of daily Direct Action against Trident renewal – please join us!



The UK Government is intent on replacing and modernising its nuclear weapon system and will do so unless the public shows enough resistance to stop it. Much of the work on the new system will be carried out at AWE Burghfield near Reading in Berkshire. This military base is responsible for the final assembly and maintenance of nuclear warheads – for more information look at the January 2016 AWE Burghfield briefing.

We are asking you and your friends to spend at least one day in the month of June at AWE Burghfield to disrupt the illegal and immoral ‘business as usual’ by joining our month of action. We need you to show public opposition to Trident Replacement and to encourage nuclear disarmament.

The replacement of Trident is likely to cost around £167 billion pounds. This is at a time when the government says Britain has no money and is cutting billions from public spending on health care, education, welfare and services and is devastating peoples’ lives.

We are asking groups fighting so called austerity cuts to take part and demand that this money is instead used for the good of the public rather than for annihilation.

As we face more climate related disasters, we also need climate change activists to take part in the Disarm Trident month of action. Global climate change and nuclear weapons are both existential threats, threatening the future of life on this planet. They both stem from the same military industrial complex embedded in our corporate controlled growth economy. War must stop for global warming to slow down.

It is time the public demanded the government to comply with our obligation under international law to accomplish the total elimination of our nuclear arsenal. By doing so we would send a message to the world that spending for peace and development and meeting people’s real needs is our priority, not spending on weapons of mass destruction.

If you care about building a peaceful, sustainable and equitable world then please join us. Find a group to work with, plan an action, book a date in the June diary with us and let us show our people power. If you would like to be put in touch with a group who will be at AWE Burghfield during June 2016 please let us know – we can help. If help is needed to find local accommodation and meeting place for your day’s action then Marian can help you, Please email her at marianmcnichol@gmail.com

We will be providing briefings and information. If you need a workshop facilitator to help plan your direct action then let us know. You can ring 01547 520929 or 07456 588943 or email june@tridentploughshares.org

AWE Burghfield is easy to blockade, to occupy, and to disrupt. We can give you ideas.

Download or print the Introduction to ‘A month of Direct Action at AWE Burghfield – June 2016’, in PDF here! 

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