Faslane 365

Faslane_365_bookWith 131 blockading groups and 1,150 arrests, the year-long protest against the Trident defence system demonstrated the unity and determined commitment of nuclear protestors, including Scottish Lawyers, Health Professionals and Grannies for Peace. Featuring the humorous musings of A.L. Kennedy, the heartfelt lyrical plea of Adrian Mitchell, and the candid statement of 13-year-old Catherine Holmes, the youngest protestor to be arrested, Faslane 365 brings together a diverse selection of writings, academic and anecdotal, from and about the epic blockade.

A fascinating and inspirational read, examining the political, environmental and ethical implications of Trident; exploring the impact that the protest had on the international nuclear protest community; and providing evidence of the passionate concern the issue provokes in people from all walks of life – Faslane 365 demonstrates that despite adversity, the hope that we can change our world for the better still exists.

To everyone who locked themselves to the gates of Faslane, who blocked roads, who dressed as pixies or swam across the loch to reach the submarines, I salute your lessons in civil etiquette. MARK THOMAS

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