Day 5 of the blockade at the Atomic Weapons Establishment at Burghfield, Near Reading

Trident Ploughshares Press Release

10th June 2016

Construction traffic has been turned away from AWE Burghfield  since Monday and vehicles continue to be turned away if they  try to approach the Atomic Weapons Establishment’s facilities upgrade, which is one of the biggest building projects in the UK.

Protesters are tired and are calling for more people to arrive to help keep the blockade going.

A spokesperson for blockaders said, “Nuclear weapons are unacceptable at anytime, but when government is slashing funding from public services and causing deprivation and hardship across all aspects of society, not only to maintain the nuclear bombs we have, but to secretly develop a new generation, that is shocking and should prompt masses of people to get out and say ‘no more’.”

In addition to taking direct action at AWE Burghfield protesters are trying to bring a private prosecution  against Trident and its illegality into the UK courts – a process which is currently being held up by the Attorney General.

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Contact Angie Zelter on 074-565-88943 for more info ‘from the barricade’.