Communication systems

Why disarm communications systems?

Communications systems have always been vital for the military machine to function and in recent years they have become more so with the development of satellite guided warheads. If the US military has it’s way then the solider on the ground will not be needed instead he will be sitting behind a computer watching the killing on his TV or computer monitor, this is their published vision for 2020.

The term ‘communications systems’ is used loosely here and includes satellite and communications interception as well as old fashioned military communications.

Communications systems are used from before a war, during the violent conflict and long after it ends.

The military machine:

  •   Uses satellite and radio interception antenna to watch on a country.
  •   Uses the information it collects to plan which targets to strike, kill and maim.
  •   Uses satellites to guide the missiles to their targets.
  •  Uses the communication system to communicate with the soldiers on the ground and co-ordinate the campaigns.

After the bombing and killing have been carried out, spy satellites are used to decide whether more strikes will be carried out.

The military always target the communications systems of their enemies first.

As a non violent movement we can disarm these systems without endangering life or damaging the environment.

Communications systems are easy to disarm without a lot of equipment; a pair of bolt cutter and a ‘current testing screwdriver’ is all that is needed.

It is easy because almost all communications systems on the ground rely on co-axial cable, the same cable that is used for TV aerials, it can be cut with no harm to yourself or to others.

By disarming these systems you are stopping the war machine from finding their targets to kill and from keeping a country under their thumb….