Author: Jane Tallents

Town Criers take Ban Treaty News to SOAS

Oyez, Oyez! TP Muriel Lesters and friends from LRCND, Japanese Against Nuclear/Kick Nuclear & At Ease, spread the good news about the current UN negotiations towards a Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty. We leafleted at the International Conscientious Objectors Day commemoration…

World in Chains

‘World in Chains’ is a book that invites us all to think through the impacts that nuclear weapons have on us. Full of interesting articles on different aspects of our society (environment, money system, civil liberties to mention just a few) the book…

Faslane Fence Painting Action Video

In this sweet little meditative video five Trident Ploughshares activists, most of them 60 or over, calmly and decidedly paint an unambiguous demand for disarmament on the fence of the UK’s Trident nuclear weapons base in Scotland.