World in Chains

‘World in Chains’ is a book that invites us all to think through the impacts that nuclear weapons have on us. Full of interesting articles on different aspects of our society (environment, money system, civil liberties to mention just a few) the book can help stimulate continuing public discussion about the kind of society we live in and the changes that could come about if we eliminated nuclear weapons and turned from fear towards love and compassion.
A L Kennedy’s foreword to the book, starts off by saying, ‘This is one of the most important books you may never read. You may even give it to someone else to not read after you. I don’t mean that badly, or as any kind of criticism, it is simply very hard to read, or think, about oneself and all of ones loved ones ­ all of the people one knows ­strangers, everyone… being evaporated, or burned alive, being poisoned, blinded, tormented, genetically altered, starved, deprived of all they own and so forth… Thinking about nuclear weapons is just hard. And you bought the book, you made an effort, maybe you don’t have to think…’.
Copies can be ordered from Angie by sending a cheque for £12 made out to ‘Trident Ploughshares’
to Jean Oliver, 43 Knocklea, Biggar, ML112 6 EF along with your name and address so we can send a copy of the book to you.