Upcoming trials info

3 trials for protest actions during the June 2016 Month of Action at AWE Burghfield are currently listed with more dates expected. Support is welcomed inside or outside court by people on trial. For more info or to ask for court support email  tpcourtsupport@tridentploughshares.org

Friday 30th September 2016  

Reading Magistrates Court. Helen Swanston – for blockading the north end of The Mearings with a car during June 2016 month of actions

Friday 15th October 2016

Reading Magistrates Court. Mary Millington for painting ‘No more deadly convoys’ on the road during June 2016 month of actions.

14th – 16th December 2016

Reading Magistrates Court. The Quaker Group for blockading during June 2016.Contact Sam Donaldson on 07780777645 for more info.

January 23rd, 25th & 26th 2017

5 people from Put Down the Sword group for blockading AWE Burghfield during the June 2016 month of actions.Contact Angela on 07598820467 for more info.