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Some people may be in prison on remand, awaiting trial, and some may have been sentenced to time in prison as a result of their disarmament actions. Other people are in prison as a result of their refusal to pay fines imposed for their disarmament work.

We also include the details of some activists who have been given harsh bail conditions, or are facing long prison sentences for their actions.

Please write to these people (see Tips for writing to prisoners).

If you are near the prison where they are being held, they may appreciate a visit, and there might be More ways to support prisoners.

Some long term prisoners may have their own support group.

Comments or updates should be sent to

Release Date: Prisoners who have been sentenced to a certain amount of time in prison can have their time reduced by up to half for “good behaviour”. We expect this to happen in most cases, so it is this “expected” release date that is shown.

Prisoners awaiting trial on remand will generally remain in prison until their trial (when they may be sentenced to further time). In some circumstances they may be released on bail before their trial date.


Current Prisoners

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