TP Activities 2015 Roundup

October 2015. Campaigners Go to Spain During NATO ‘Trident Juncture’ 
A number of Trident Ploughshares members from Scotland, England, and Wales travelled to Spain to offer practical solidarity to the resistance to NATO staging its largest-yet exercises, Trident Juncture, across Spain, Portugal, and Italy.

August 2015 Hiroshima to Nagasaki Fast outside the Ministry of Defence in London.

About a dozen campaigners fasted outside the MOD for three days in solidarity with campaigners in Paris and other countries. 

May 2015. Women Decorate Burghfield Fence

April 2015Plymouth Campaigners Occupy Shell of WW2 Bombed Church to Challenge Spending On Trident

April 2015Scrap Trident Blockade Shuts Down Faslane

Working with the Scrap Trident Coalition Trident Ploughshares organised a blockade of the UK’s nuclear weapons base at Faslane in Scotland which shut the gates from 7 am until 1.30 pm.  Many workers, were sent home. In keeping with the “BairnsNotBombs” theme several families and children took part in the blockade, with two families prepared to be arrested together.

April 2015. ScrapTrident Demo Fills George Square

Working with the Scrap Trident Coalition Trident Ploughshares members in Scotland organised a major demonstration in Glasgow’s George Square. Speakers included First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Scottish Greens Co-convenor Patrick Harvie. 

March 2015. House of Commons lobby filled with singers objecting to Trident 

Camilla Cancantata updated her ‘Trident is a War Crime Oratorio’ for singers with Action AWE to lobby their MPs in the House of Commons, Westminster. 14 singers from England and Wales gathered in the House of Commons calling their MPs to the central lobby hall. 

March 2015. Trident Ploughshares Activists Took Part in Burghfield Lockdown

TP activists Erica, Anne, Morag and Zelda held the South Mearings with the Welsh group for 8 hours. All gates to the nuclear weapons factory were blocked for most of the day. 

 February 2015. Peace Pirates Charged with Vandalism at Faslane. A small, but committed band of pirates were arrested and charged with vandalism at Faslane naval base today while two others were detained after pinning a set of “Peace Pirate Articles”, to the fence.