Plymouth Campaigners Occupy Shell of WW2 Bombed Church to Challenge Spending On Trident

banner hanging on churchMonday 27 April a group of  campaigners occupied the ruins of a Second World War church in Plymouth to protest the continued spending on the Trident submarine system which is refitted here in Devonport dockyard in Plymouth.

The campaigners occupied the site from early in the morning until 5:30pm to bring awareness to Plymouth of our role in perpetuating these immoral weapons and risks to our local environment. The current system is costing UK taxpayers £5000 a minute to fund four submarines.  Each submarine is armed with four nuclear warheads, and each warhead is eight times the power of the one used at Hiroshima.

3Michal, one of the Tamarian group stated, “In these times of austerity we really need to divert this funding into health, education and sustainable energy.”

The protesters carefully hung banners

5Police bailiffs tore down the banners which

Earlier efforts to protest Devonport’s involvement in conspiracies to commit warcrimes involved reporting to the Charles Cross Police station last year in May.  Today’s action is to make this concern visible to residents of Plymouth, and encourage them to say no to Trident.