Media Coverage of Coulport Camp 2017

The National Freed Trident pensioners Brian Quail and Angie Zelter thank The National as fight continues 28 July

The National Trident Two freed from jail then head straight for Faslane 27 July

Helensburgh Advertiser Trident campaigners released from custody in Coulport ‘protest’ case 27 July 

Commonspace Victory for the Trident 2! Bail conditions against protesting banned UK nukes dropped  26 July

Nuclear Hotseat Podcast. Nikki Clark, a veteran UK nuclear campaigner serves as Nuclear Hotseat Special Correspondent, on the ground at the Coulport Nuclear Disarmament Camp in Scotland. 1hr

Ungagged Letter to the Trident 2 July 25th

Helensburgh Advertiser. Organisers Hail Success of Trident Protest Camp. 24 july. 

The Ferret. Trident Nuclear Plans Unachievable Says UK Government Watchdog. Rob Edwards. 24 July. 

Brecon and Radnor Reporter. Campaigner Jailed During Anti-Nuke Protest. 24 July.  

Bella Calednoia. Upping the Action. Janet Fenton. 24 July 

RT Today Trident Protest

The Ferret  Imprisoned Trident Prisoner to appeal Rob Edwards 24 July

The National. Westminster SNP group shows solidarity with the jailed anti-nuclear pensioners. Andrew Learmonth. 22nd July

The National  Jailed Trident protester Brian Quail writes letter from prison to The National  Brian Quail 20 July 

The National Renowned Comic book writer Mark Millar offers to pay costs for arrested Trident protesters Kirsteen Paterson 20 July

CommonSpace. Demands Grow for Release of Trident 2. David Jamieson . 20 July. 

Kirsteen Paterson.   

Autonomy Scotland Brian Quails Anti Trident Court Speech in full. 18 July 

The National. 1000 Call for Release of Jailed Anti-Trident Protesters. 16 July. 

Ungagged Pardon the Peaceful Protesters 15 July 

Helensburgh Advertiser Trident Protesters Behind Bars after Coulport Protest  Craig Borland 14 July

The National Pensioners Face THREE WEEKS of jail time for peacefully protesting nuclear weapons. Andrew Learmonth 14 July

Helensburgh Advertiser. Arrest Made in Eight Day Ant-Trident Protests, 14 July

Helensburgh Advertiser Anti-Trident protesters block road to Coulport 13 July

Commonspace  Five arrested protesting against banned UK Trident nukes at Faslane David Jamieson 12July

The National. Five arrested after staging blockade at Trident base at Coulport. Greg Russell 

Helensburgh Advertiser  We won’t disrupt Peninsula Life, say Coulport protesters   6 July 

Sunday Herald Blockades to target Clyde nuke bases,Exclusive by Rob Edwards 25 June