Government and Military Dialogue and Negotiation Work

Letter to The Secretary of State for Scotland


Letter from Scott Miller to TP re Scottish Independence and NATO



Letter to Scottish Ministers Re Scottish Independence and NATO 2012-05-27
Meeting between Trident Ploughshares and Scottish Government Legal Advisers onThursday 16th February 2012 2012-02-19
TP to Meet with Scottish Government Legal Advisers 2012-02-03
Trident Ploughshares to Meet with Scottish Government 2011-07-02
TP Congratulates Alex Salmond on Plans to Call on UK to Remove Trident 2011-05-30
Faslane Commodore Reply to TP Letter 10 May 2011-05-11
TP 10 May Blockaders Letter to Faslane Commander 2011-05-10
Letter from Bruce Crawford 2011-02-06
Letter from Alex Salmond 2011-01-12
Meeting with Bruce Crawford at the Scottish Parliament 2010-12-17
Replies from the MOD in response to a letter sent by TP on 21-04-09 2009-07-08
Dialogue and Negotiation with the government 2009-07-08
Trident Ploughshares requests immediate compliance with international law 2009-04-28
Correspondence re the White Paper 2007-02-21
To FCO and Mod re White Paper (“The Future of the UK’s Nuclear Weapons”) 2007-02-20
From 10 Downing St In Response to Tamarians Letter of April 2006 2006-05-09
From MOD In Response to Tamarians Letter of April 2006 2006-05-09
Letter from the Tamarians Affinity Group to the Government, April 2006 2006-04-23
To Members of the Scottish Parliament from David Mackenzie for TP 2005-04-13
From: Directorate of Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear policy, 19th October 2004 2004-10-19
From Trident Ploughshares, 11th October 2004 2004-10-11
From Directorate of Nuclear Policy, MOD, 25th March 2004 2004-03-25
From Trident Ploughshares, 6th February 2004 2004-02-06
Dialogue and Negotiation Work 2004-00-00
“Britain in the World” 2002-09-00
From Angie Zelter on behalf of Trident Ploughshares 2002-07-24
From Angie Zelter on behalf of Trident Ploughshares 2002-06-04
From the Rt Hon Adam Ingram JP MP, 17th April 2002 2002-04-17
From Angie Zelter on behalf of Trident Ploughshares, 24th February 2002 2002-02-24
From Matthew Shaps, Assistant Director, Proliferation and Arms Control Secretariat, Ministry of Defence, 12th March 2001 2001-03-12
From Trident Ploughshares, 24th January 2001 2001-01-24
From Stephen Willmer, Assistant Director, Ministry of Defence, 28th September 2000 2000-09-28
From Trident Ploughshares, 31st July 2000 2000-07-31
From Alan Hughes, Ministry of Defence, 3rd July 2000 2000-07-03
From John Spellar MP, Minister of State for the Armed Forces, 17th June 2000 2000-06-17
From Trident Ploughshares, 10th May 2000 2000-05-10
From Stephen Willmer, Ministry of Defence, 2nd March 2000 2000-03-02
From Trident Ploughshares, 11th February 2000 2000-02-11
From Stephen Willmer, Ministry of Defence, 19th January 2000 2000-01-19
From Trident Ploughshares, 16th November 1999 1999-11-16
From Trident Ploughshares, 12th November 1999 1999-11-12
From Trident Ploughshares, 31st August 1999 1999-08-31
From Philip Barton, Private Secretary to Tony Blair, 9th July 1999 1999-07-09
From Trident Ploughshares, 23rd March 1999 1999-03-23
From Trident Ploughshares, 1st October 1998 1998-11-01
From Fiona Hope, Assistant Private Secretary, Ministry of Defence, 4th September 1998 1998-09-04
From Theodoros Pangalos, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Greece, 1st September 1998 1998-09-01
From Arthur C. Eggleton, Minister of National Defence, Canada, 24th August 1998 1998-08-24
From A Burton, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, 17th August 1998 1998-08-17
From Stephen Willmer, Ministry of Defence, 7th August 1998 1998-08-07
From S M Gillespie, Cmdr Royal Navy, Military Assistant, 5th August 1998 1998-08-05
From Trident Ploughshares, 1st August 1998 1998-08-01
From P. Hofman, Bonn, 15th July 1998 1998-07-15
From Woodwoses Affinity Group of Trident Ploughshares, 9th July 1998 1998-07-09
From Trident Ploughshares, 1st July 1998 1998-07-01
From Trident Ploughshares, 30th June 1998 1998-06-30
From Trident Ploughshares, 19th May 1998 1998-05-19
From Trident Ploughshares, 2nd May 1998 1998-05-02
From Philip Barton, Private Secretary to Tony Blair, 3rd April 1998 1998-04-03
From Trident Ploughshares, 18th March 1998 1998-03-18