From “L” Divisional Commander Harry Bunch

To David Mackenzie

24th July

Dear Mr. Mackenzie

I refer to your letter of 20th July to the Chief Constable which had been passed to me for attention.

As you perhaps understand, the police have the sensitive task of balancing the fundamental right of freedom to assemble peacefully for the purpose of protest with the wider rights of the community to go about its lawful business without fear of disruption and intimidation. In doing so, as you implicitly recognise, Strathclyde Police strives to act impartially at all times.

We are indeed acutely aware of our demanding role and it is interesting to note that we have received several letters from protestors praising the actions of my officers during Trident Ploughshares demonstrations. I am therefore pleased to receive your further endorsement of our professionalism in policing the events and your acknowledgement of the positive and constructive liaison in respect of the forthcoming action.

Whilst I am not prepared to comment on your interpretation of the law I should nevertheless wish to reassure you of our determination to maintain that impartiality which I have referred to, which has been the hallmark of our policing approach.

Yours sincerely.

Harry Bunch

L Division Strathclyde Police