Day 6 of the Atomic Weapons Establishment blockade.


3 Vans blockading the Construction Gate entrance to AWE Burghfield

Despite the virtual news blackout by the mainstream media the blockade at AWE Burghfield is still in place and construction work is still being prevented.

Messages of support, thanks and solidarity continue to arrive. Thank you to all the people who have written, emailed and phoned!

Women from Aldermaston Women’s Peace Camp came along to support the blockaders today – and three of them – Juliet Mcbride, Kay Tabernacle, Giulia Gigliotta together with the blockade’s Angie Zelter were detained by police for¬†summons, for ‘defacing the fence’ (hanging banners on it) before they were released.


Women blockading the Contruction Gate entrance of Atomic Weapons Establishment, Burghfield, Near Reading, UK

This evening police have issued the threat that anyone lying down in the road to go to sleep will be arrested. Blockaders were contemplating sleeping in lockons. An update for the 12th day will be posted here in due course.